How to acquire new students for less

Acquiring new customers can be tough and with so many online channels available now, it can be tricky knowing where to even start. Here are a couple of ways to help bring you more new students using Instagram.

  1. Make sure you’ve got an instagram account setup with a clear bio and ideally a photo of you or your business logo.
  2. Encourage your students to tag you in posts throughout the learning experience (although obviously not whilst driving). This increases exposure and when they share that final ‘I’ve passed’ post, your name will be there for others to see.
  3. Add in your booking link to your instagram bio, that way if a student comes across it they’re more likely to book you directly using that link. It’s easy for them and it’s really easy for you.
  4. Share a discount/ offer on instagram in a fun way.
  5. Post content regularly, take photos of the lessons (with permission from the student of course) and share them with your followers. Do add some variety, there’s only so many car pictures you can take! Include scenery, interesting things you spot on lessons or top tips for learners to share with their networks.

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