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The student learner mobile app is a the simplest and best way for students to keep on top of their learning

Launching May

Student learnr dashboard

Students can easily see all their learnr activity in one place. View upcoming bookings, stats and progress from the app's dashboard

Mobile Progress Tracker example
Mobile Progress Tracker example

Student learner progress

Students can see their overall progress and individual lesson reports to start on top of their tuition.

Manage lesson bookings

Students can easily view, manage and edit lesson bookings from the tip of the thumbs.

Mobile Progress Tracker example

What people are saying

I made the leap, and it was worth it!

Managing my diary and keeping my students up to date has always been a challenge, but the biggest advantage for me has been being able to take payments online and grow my business without the headache of maintaining a website.


Awesome product, and great customer support

I was invited to try learner's software, and i was totally impressed. They really are committed to building software exactly for us. I love that they are driving new students too.

Mark Hughes, Pass now

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