Make more money from your driving instructor car

t’s time to make more money from your driving school car.

As a driving instructor your car is effectively your office, it’s where all the magic happens. You’ve probably already got a website for your business, a handful of students, and you’ve listed your business on Learnr to maximise your student bookings but you can still go further! If you’ve got the time and are hungry for more cash, don’t let your driving instructor car just sit on the drive.

Similar to an office, the space needs to be kept clean and tidy and it is very expensive to maintain. Luckily there has been an increase in the number of start ups focussing on ways to help people make money from their cars. We’ve compiled some of our ideas into one list so you can review all of the ways that you can now make your ‘office’ earn you some extra cash on the side.

Make money from your car through on-demand delivery services

The rise in online delivery platforms such as Deliveroo, Gophr and Uber Eats means that there are plenty of opportunities to turn your four wheels into a moving delivery service. This is one way that you can get more use out of your car in the evenings when you’re not giving lessons. All of the apps are flexible in terms of hours, so you can make this one work for you. To begin just sign up with one of the aforementioned companies. You’ll need to ensure that you follow their T&CS and meet the requirements in order to get a job. Otherwise it’s pretty easy to get started.

Top tip: Although it’s tempting to try them all, pick one and see how you get on.

Make more money from your car by attending car boot sales

Make money from car boot sales
Turn your car boot into a little shop

There isn’t a shiny new app for this one, however the popularity of car boot sales has increased recently due to the rising interest in reusing and recycling. So there’s never been a better time to use your car boot as a little shop window for a second hand business. Whether you’ve got piles of DVD’S to shift or are interested in vintage knit jumpers – there will be someone out there hunting for it. These are mostly held at weekends, with the best sales usually happen very early in the morning hours. Making it the perfect activity as it leaves you with the rest of the day for either teaching or relaxing.

Top tip: Make sure your car is returned to it’s original clean state after a car boot sale so it’s still nice for your students.

Become an ad-hoc taxi service

Make money from your car
Offer a taxi service outside of teaching hours to make extra money

This option is a little more complicated as you need specific documents and a license to become a taxi driver, but once you’re all set up it’s something that you can fit around your schedule and earn good money from. If you live within or close to a major city then there are no shortage of apps for you to use. If you live outside of a city keep an eye out for Ola app in your town, or go and speak to a local taxi firm about the potential opportunities they might have.

It’s worth remembering that whilst all of these are easy to make money from once you’re set up, you will need to invest some time and effort at the start. Choose an option that fits around your lifestyle and teaching hours. If you plan your week well in advance it means you’ll have time for lessons and other activities, whilst also making sure that your car meets safety requirements for your students.

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