7 reasons why you should become a driving instructor

Ever thought about becoming a driving instructor? There are around 40,000 registered ADI's in the UK today, and most we speak to absolutely love it. There are so many perks to the job and that keeps people in it for the long run. 

There are a bunch of complexities that come with it in the modern day, such as acquiring students, getting set up and choosing whether to franchise or not, but don’t worry, we are here to help. We will cover getting set up in another post, but lets focus on why we believe being an instructor is one of the best jobs around! 

Flexible working hours

The great thing about working as an instructor? You get to work on your terms. In the digital age you can manage your entire business from your phone. You can set your own hours and manage your own calendar all online – ideal if you want to be part time, work more flexibly or even have another job or family commitments alongside.

It’s rewarding

Passing your driving test is a huge milestone in any persons life, young or old. The freedom it brings is amazing and most people consider the day they pass their driving test as one of their most memorable days. Being an instructor means you’re part of that. Not only that you get to shape their confidence and experience in a car so although its daunting, the reward is huge 

Your car makes you money

Most people buy a car and spend a lot of money in the process. As an instructor your car makes YOU money. Not only that, you can use your car for other things, such as share riding or renting through lots of different online apps. Theres so many ways now that weren’t available before

Great for part timers or earning extra cash

Being an instructor doesn’t have to be a full time endeavour; It can be a side hustle too! Once you’ve done all of the training and qualified – teaching people to drive is something that you can do alongside a full-time role at the weekends, or part time during the week while you work on your next big idea or other crafts. Or of course; you just want to take it easy.

Out of the office

Being stuck in an office isn’t for everyone, but neither is being stuck in a car. The great thing about being an instructor is you’re always exploring, you’re able to choose new routes and change up where you take learners as you see fit. If you move around you can teach in new towns or cities and work around the map in a way that suits you! Just simply expand your areas of tuition and take advantage of it!

Meeting diverse people

Nothing brings more to life than variety. As an instructor you get to meet all kinds of people of all different ages and from all different backgrounds, every learner is different and can bring something new to your day.

You can move around

If you’re someone who likes change, or moves around a lot, being an instructor could be a great career choice. You’ll need to get a new licence and get the word out in your new area, but it really does make for an adaptable and mobile career. This is one of the main reasons why we built Learnr. Our booking marketplace makes it easy for you to get discovered in any local postcode search, meaning you won’t have to update your website and deal with the headache of local marketing in a new place.

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