Reasons why being a driving instructor is one of the best jobs

July 24 1 min read
Driving Instructor Resources
  1. Flexible working hours, you can manage your calendar all online and choose when you want to work – ideal for having other side hustles or family commitments alongside.
  2. Most people consider the day they pass their driving test as one of their most memorable days, and you get to be a part of that!
  3. You can use your car for other things, such as share riding through online apps.
  4. It can be a side hustle, once you’ve done all of the training and qualified – teaching people to drive is something that you can do alongside a full-time role. 
  5. You’re always exploring, you’re able to choose new routes and change up where you take learners as you see fit. 
  6. Meeting all kinds of people of different ages and backgrounds, every learner is different and can bring something new to your day.
  7. No two days are the same. 
  8. You can move around – you’ll need to get a new license but you can teach driving anywhere in the UK and aren’t limited by an office location.